Canadian Llama & Alpaca Registry


This page is an effort to provide our membership and other individuals seeking to import/export alpacas and llamas with the protocols involved for each individual importing or exporting nation.

While every effort will be made to keep this page up to date it is important to realise that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is the agency responsible for providing assurances to foreign agencies that the certification process is conducted correctly. To ensure efficiency the CFIA accredits veterinarians to act on their behalf in this matter. Veterinarians applying to be accredited are provided with a comprehensive manual outlining the accreditation procedure and complete copies of the protocols, and their interpretations, involved in the export of all live animals.

We strongly encourage everyone involved in export or import of live animals to clarify with their CFIA accredited vet conducting the testing that they are aware of, and are following, the correct certification process.

Until such time as the Association can compile a summary of protocols, please visit the following links: